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Personalization FAQ

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How do I know where to place the initials for the monogram?
The traditional monogram is comprised of 3 initials, with the initial of the last name appearing in the center larger than the first two initials. While most monograms place the last initial in the middle, not all do. Don't worry! If you enter the initials as requested, we will place them in the correct order based on the monogram you have selected.

Where does the monogram go?
Mrs. Monogram will place the monogram in the traditional location for the item you select. For instance, on men's dress shirts the monogram goes on the pocket. For women's dress shirts, on the right sleeve cuff.

If you would like a different monogram location, please call us toll-free at 1-888-717-GIFT (4438). Due to technical limitations, we may not be able to accommodate all placement requests.

How should I select the monogram color?
The sky's the limit! Many people select a color that matches something in the product being embroidered. Others prefer to use a contrasting (but complimentary) color for added emphasis (ex. using red thread on a navy and white tote).

Remember that computer monitors may show colors differently. When you specify the color thread for monogramming, rest assured that we will select the shade that best compliments the item being embroidered. If you would like to use a color not shown on our website, please contact us at 1-888-717-GIFT (4438).

I think traditional monograms are boring. How else might I be able to personalize an item?

  • Instead of initials, use a first name or last name. Use all upper or lowercase letters for a different look.
  • Use only a last name - the entire family will be able to use the item!
  • Use something other than a proper name! Embroider towels with their intended use (pool, beach, lake, boat, etc.) Use the name of a house or boat (Grey Gables, Artful Dodger.) Use a street address or zip code (21 Orchard or 90210). Use a nickname (Nana, Muffy, Tiger).
  • The possibilities are endless!